We are committed to becoming a pioneer and contributor to the development of China's intelligent ship industry.

Ship electrical maintenance and transformation

This service covers the inspection, maintenance, upgrade and transformation of electrical equipment for Marine and ocean engineering, the purchase, installation and commissioning of electromechanical integration equipment and related technical consulting services, and provides related technical services for main engine control system, power system, power supply system, engine room alarm system, security system, emergency command center and other systems.

System customization and development

This service covers the customization, development, installation and debugging of construction control system, non-standard automation system and intelligent control system. To provide customers with customized products, and a full set of software and hardware solutions. A variety of ship engineering construction control systems designed and developed by the company have been successfully put into use, among which "automatic anchoring positioning system" has obtained the national invention patent certificate.

Ship supplies spare parts supply

This service includes the supply of Marine conventional lossless materials, drive control equipment, detection and measurement equipment, monitoring and display equipment, customized control panel supply, control box/box integrated equipment supply, and unit equipment supply, as well as providing relevant technical services to customers.

engineering construction

The company has a professional R & D design team, construction technical team, project management team, to implement the project quality management system, and has obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification.


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