We are committed to becoming a pioneer and contributor to the development of China's intelligent ship industry.

Automatic anchorage positioning system
The automatic anchoring positioning system developed by our company relies on the advanced and reliable integrated control algorithm of anchor machine to realize the automatic positioning function of long-distance ship moving and ship stabilizing in the construction process. The positioning accuracy is as high as ±5cm, and has obtained the invention patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.
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Automatic leveling system
Using the motion position linkage control algorithm of construction equipment and the automatic control technology of ballast water system based on ship attitude data, the pre-adjustment and follow adjustment functions of ship horizontal attitude are realized, and the leveling accuracy is as high as ±0.08°
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Hydraulic control system of pile driver
The advanced distributed control technology is adopted to realize the operation control, security alarm, energy distribution and driving equipment control of the construction system.
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DCM construction control system
The system adopts modular control flow, which can be flexibly configured according to the needs of customers to meet the construction process requirements of different DCM piles.
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Ship energy consumption management system
To automatically collect, monitor and analyze the energy consumption and working conditions of the main energy consuming equipment and the operating data of the navigation equipment.
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AMS engine room inspection system
The inspection system of engine room is upgraded and customized to meet the relevant requirements of Classification Society "Code for Classification of Steel Sea-going Ships".
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