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The world's most advanced! 140m class pile driving ship "Yihangjin Pile" has been put into use

On February 17, 2023, the world's most advanced 140-meter-class pile driving ship "Yihangjin Pile", invested by the First Aviation Administration, sank the first steel drum in Ningbo Xiangshan Port Railway Bridge, marking a new height of sea pile sinking technology. "Yihangjin Pile", a special piling ship with the highest pile frame in the world, the largest pile lifting capacity, the longest pile driving and the strongest ability to withstand wind and waves, was invested and developed by the first Aviation Bureau of China Communications, and was put into operation. China has added another "big country heavy instrument" in the field of hydraulic construction.

The first full-curve pipe section of the Dalian Bay Undersea Tunnel has been successfully installed

May 11, 2022,The "Jinping 1" full drifting and leveling automatic anchor positioning and ballast water automatic leveling and upgrading project undertaken by CCCC First Aviation Bureau was successfully completed,In the leveling operation of E15 pipe section of Dalian Bay Undersea Tunnel, the whole process is used, the positioning accuracy is ≤ 5 cm, and the leveling accuracy is ≤ 0.08 degrees, which effectively guarantees the accuracy of the leveling operation and lays a solid foundation for the installation of the E15 pipe section. The Dalian Bay Undersea Tunnel undertaken by the First Navigation Bureau has installed pipe sections with a total length of 2,591 meters.


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