The world's most advanced! 140m class pile driving ship "Yihangjin Pile" has been put into use



The successful completion of this construction marks the actual test of the new integrated construction management system, power management system, hydraulic energy saving system, full rotary rudder propeller and side push auxiliary DP power positioning system carried by "Yihangjin Pile". The ship system has reliable performance, good mechanical transmission, and the ship team cooperation. The world's most advanced 140 - meter pile - driving ship is officially on the construction line.
At the same time, it also provides the "first-hand" data support for the ship's follow-up and continuous large-scale hydraulic operations, and plays a positive role in promoting the further opening of the market and polishing of the gold lettering sign of the first Marine hydraulic construction.



Prepare for 'big exam'



The construction of the "first pile" is a real combat test of the ship's performance, the control of various systems and the crew's cooperative work. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the mission, "Yi Hang Jin Pile" was set off for Xiangshan Sea area of Ningbo in January 2023. During the 43-day preparation, the whole ship personnel repeatedly discussed the plan, and carried out systematic deployment of personnel organization, equipment debugging and other work.



"Although we conducted many demonstration tests, it was not the actual construction, so we did not take it lightly in the preparation stage." Captain Kang Yuxing said, "The crew are all 'old sailors' with rich experience in driving piles at sea, but the new operating system on the' Yihangjin pile 'has no actual combat experience. We need to prepare a lot more."

After the ship approaches, "Yihangjin Pile" is specially moved to the pile sinking area. The construction team has a detailed understanding of the geology and sea conditions in the area, and conducts overhaul and maintenance of the ship's pile frame, engine room and pile hammer to ensure that the ship is in the best construction condition.

The first battle brought good news



On February 16, "Yihangjin Pile" slowly drove out of the anchorage under the tow of "Yihangjinshun" and went to the construction waters to anchor. Soon, the ship reached the operating waters, and the anchor was gradually lowered to the bottom. The sound of the chains clashing continued into the night. At this time the cabin is still bright lights, difficult to sleep together to discuss again, simulate the construction of the next day.



The night chill gradually dissipated, and at 6:30 a.m. on February 17, construction began in earnest. This time, the steel drum of "Yihangjin Pile" is 3.5 meters in diameter and 57 meters in length. After ship shifting, hoisting, pile laying and pile sinking, the first pile operation of "Yihangjin Pile" will be completed at 18 o 'clock, and 55 steel drum will be laid later.


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